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Poems of Modarjyoti

Shadow of darkness

No selfie

Carbon copy was also crystal clear

No make up

No ornaments

Like we may fall in love

With trees

With flowers

With birds

With Brooks

With rivers

The picture was in my diary for sixteen years

Kept many

All are destroyed

But that enchanting one is

Enclosed to heart

Still illuminating

Till the last breathe is

Safe inside

Outward appearance is juvenile

Hand overed to you

Let us stay alone

Like the moon

Like the sun

Like the ruddy Sheldrake of the Ramayana


New attire

When the words come to your heart

Breathe deep

In the pond of desire

Consume it with the sieve of thought

Flesh will drop from fiber

Make it brush

Sink in the vessel of grief

The letters will get the form of words 


Draw the unaddressed life

The figure of your words is glittering in a new attire

You will realize…



What happened what happened?

Cloud became water

Where dropped where dropped

In the earth of illusion

Who witnessed who witnessed?

Wind and breath

Where did the wind march? 

To sweep the leaves of the trees

Where did the breath

To collect the cylinder of oxygen

What happened what happened?

Kiran became a legend

What is the matter?

What is the matter?

Leaving the travel of love-life

The news of Kiran is becoming a circle

Cloud watered

Water evaporated

Evaporation clouded 

Became water again

We will be in the loving memory of your’s



Your Ballads

Today the sky is shiny

Too   your inner soul is

Sankar is praising the autumn

Voice is yours

Wind is lively

Your hair is evaporating

The sound of shell is in the temple

Praising song is of Your’s

A tune of modulation

And the Preparatory love making episode is of your’s

In the sky is the reddish sun

But is the reflection of your face

The attire of the Universe is charming

Consciousness is of your’s

A girdle of flying cranes is like 

The hand gesture of your departure

Oh! What to tell about my sad story

My life is departing

In the desire to have a glance of your beautiful face

Just you raised up your step towards the heart full of love

Sudden rain

0ut of the clear sky…


Introduction to the poet

Modarjyoti is a renowned poet of Assam. Professionally poet is the proprietor of the publishing house ‘Bonsae’. His poetry book ‘Adhirupantor’ carries the signature of Modarjyoti’s poetic journey. Moreover, Adhrupantor’s poet is editor of the journal ‘Notun Kobita’ of ‘All Assam Poet’s Association.’ As a editorial member is also related with ‘Jatra’, the renowned little magazine of Assam.  Readers are familiar with Poet Modarjyoti’s English and Bengali (Translated) poems also.

Translator Introduction

Gayatri Devi Borthakur, a teacher by profession, is a poetess, storywriter, translator from Assam.  She also writes poems and stories for children. She completed her master’s in Sanskrit. Her articles,Poems etc. are published in various esteemed magazines and newspapers of Assam. Recently she participated in the event ‘Mulakaat’ of ‘Sahitya Academy’ in Jorhat.


Jebunnahar Joni

জেবুননাহার জনি। Jebunnahar joni. কবি ও গল্পকার। জন্ম : ১১ জানুয়ারি, নারায়ণগঞ্জ; পৈতৃকনিবাস মাদারীপুর। পিতা : আতাউর রহমান হাওলাদার, মাতা : নুরুননাহার খান। সমাজকল্যাণে বিএ সম্মানসহ এমএ। পেশা : শিক্ষকতা। লেখার বিষয় : কবিতা ও গল্প। প্রকাশিত গ্রন্থ : মেঘলা রাতে চাঁদ (গল্প, ২০০৭), বিরান পথের কাশবন (কবিতা, ২০১৭)। পুরস্কার : গাংচিল সাহিত্য পুরস্কার (২০১১), সমধারা সাহিত্য পুরস্কার (২০১৫)।